Monday, June 22, 2009


What would it feel like to devote time, solid blocks of blissful time to one thing?  To write and not think about the laundry, the meals, the dogs, the horrific mounds of dog hair that collect in the corners of our old house, the daughters', the husband....

It would probably feel weird.     

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  1. We should be careful of what we wish. I too feel the way you write. As a mother of four teenagers, trying to build a business, well..enough said. I am not one to make excuses...but there are certainly some days that I wish I could devote my whole self to my projects, my passions, my business, and my creative spirit. Me, me, me...there are days that I want it to be all about me! Then I look into the eyes of my children as I am wiping away my tears of frustration for the "me" time that I have lost that day... and I stop and stare at those amazing faces that I gave birth to. I realize that for just a little while longer I have the honor of seeing their faces each and every day. Soon enough the time will pass and they will be creating their own lives away from me. I find solace in the moment, yet living life's game of chess keeps me humble and grateful. Thank you Robin!