Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Big Day

The Summer We Fell Apart is officially out in the world!  It makes me feel like the first day of kindergarten and Christmas morning combined.  A little queasy, prone to tears that don't quite come to fruition and crazy excitement.
 Except you know what this really means, don't you?  I 've got to get back to work.... another book, another set of characters, and another place are all tugging on me to return so they can get on with their lives - and me to mine.
To everyone who has supported me on this journey - to everyone I'm looking forward to meeting along the way who have been touched by these characters, to everyone who has written to me to let me know how much the book has meant to them... I thank you - for all this and so much more!!!

Check my website for a list of places I'll be reading and signing ... up first: Gibson's Book Store in Concord , New Hampshire on Thursday!

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