Monday, May 10, 2010

Today is the Day

I need to open up the windows and air out the blog -- sorry for such delayed and erratic posting! I have tried to stay off the Internet while I finish the first draft of the new manuscript and today, I can say, I'm finally there.  Yes -- there's tons of work to go back in and do -- especially since I find you don't really know the characters until you type that last sentence.  Suddenly it clears everything up as well as create fault lines in the early pages.  But that's okay. That's the fun part.  Going back in and carving out the details and cutting the junk is the best part.  It's where the book comes together -- where the characters leave the page and become three dimensional.  It's where the book starts to sing.
And right now, it's a pretty sweet sound.  
I'll be back tomorrow with some great recent reads and new appearance dates.

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