Friday, February 26, 2010

Birth + Book

If I had to point to a time in my life where everything exploded-- where even the expectations of the event didn't come close to the reality-- this would be it.   Publishing a book is a lot like childbirth -- publishing has a gestation period as long as mammals-- so I suppose in order of life changing moments I have childbirth -- twice--  and publishing THE SUMMER WE FELL APART.  

Just like nineteen years ago with my first child-- I was scared, falsely optimistic and way over my head.  There were encouraging voices along the way-- but you never know-- I mean, really never know- what it's going to be like until the baby (or the book ) is born and out in the world.  And then the fun really begins.  Moments of elation, fear, dread, gidddiness, self-doubt, and back to elation.  My God-- it's a hormonal roller coaster of emotions.

But the good news-- no -- the great news- is that THE SUMMER WE FELL APART has gone back for four printings--  and it's in Target store nationwide as of mid- February and I have met -- through the book - some of the loveliest people a girl would ever want to meet.  People who the book has touched, helped, soothed.  People want to talk about the book.  They want to meet the characters.  They laugh and cry in all the right places.  I've been on a whirlwind of visiting book groups -- and let me tell you -- to have been embraced by these book groups is a fantastic thing.  Other than people being related to me ( and yes, family, I know you are all tired of talking about the book, even tho you love me, I know this) the people who I've met through book groups want to dissect character and plot- can talk for as long as it took me to write -- in some cases-- about a particular scene that moved them.  It is the best thing that could ever happen to a writer who spends all of her time at her desk dreaming of that day.

Another group of people I absolutely must applaud are the book bloggers!  Along with my bricks and mortar tour-- I participated in a "virtual tour" as well.  About twenty book bloggers reviewed TSWFA on their sites and did their part to spread the word in a day where fewer and fewer print outlets are reviewing books.  These book bloggers read a tremendous amount of books and are a wonderful  resource for any bibliophile.  So thank you virtual world-- for your amazing support.  A list of the participating blogs is on my website -- so go and check them out -- their archives of reviews are a treasure trove of what to read next.

Also -- please go and visit my favorite site on the web: The Nervous Breakdown-- for some of the most interesting writing and writers that are working today.  This group of talented people from across the globe-- has been such a support for me during this entire process-- the writing is so good here you will soon find yourself commenting on pieces-- engaging in dialogues and making friends.  So I urge you-- go -- but a warning-- it can be addicting-- in the very best of ways.